Powder Finishers, adding beauty, durability and salability to your products

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We Finish First

Powder Finishers leaves all other coating services in the dust.

Welcome to Powder Finishers, located in Southeastern Wisconsin. We are the only metal finishing company in the area delivering:

  • 3-foot by 6-foot by 40-foot part capacity
  • 800-lb. weight capacity
  • 24-72 hour turnaround

After more than 30 years providing the highest quality finishing services, we know your industry well. Our problem-solving experience has saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars and many wasted days.

Let's face it, your customers may shop you against your competition. Your powder coater—among others—can make or break your profitability and ability to meet deadlines. Our performance commitment and guarantee are your assurance that when we promise it, we deliver.

Check out our full capabilities and coating services, then be sure to take a moment to call and let us know what you're working on.

We'd like to be your first choice in finishers.

Powder Coated Parts

Your business depends on putting out a quality product, right down to your powder coating. Every batch, every shipment, must be good enough to carry your brand. Are your parts as good as they can be? Your product and good name are only as good as the individual components.

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Powder Coating Services

Trust your metal finishing to a proven industry leader. From motorcycle parts to architectural fixtures, we offer the durability, the flexibility, the colors, and the speed to keep your customers coming back every time.

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