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About Us

A larger facility, larger part capacity, heavier piece capacity, faster output, better quality. Anything else we can do?

Large Part Coating

The powder finishing industry has become much more capable, thanks to leaders like Powder Finishers, Inc., that consistently challenge the limits.

Since our trailblazing days in 1975, our founders designed a plan to put our commitment to innovation into every process. Our customers wanted flexibility, so we flexed in every category; weight classes from ounces to hundreds of pounds, piece sizes from an inch to 40 feet, run sizes from one piece to thousands. You get the idea. Large Part Coating

As we grew, we added even more technical expertise to our team. Clients began to learn that Powder Finishers could solve problems where our competition could only offer workarounds or uncertain promises. We maintained the position that we would run our business in a way that would address issues before our clients came to us with them.

Large Part Coating

Tying it all together are our commitment to quality and service guarantee. Your ISO 9001 and Q1 ratings are safe with us. In fact, we guarantee we'll meet your stated expectations or we will refinish your items until such expectations are met.

Over the last couple of years, Powder Finishers has improved its processes and offerings yet again. More coatings, increased capacity, and even faster turnaround mean one thing: You can have it all, right here at Powder Finishers.

In the world of finishers, We Finish First.


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